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Aeries CS FAQ

Q: I am unable to log into AeriesCS. What should I do?
First, be sure you are not entering a username and you are entering a password.  Also, check that the database is AERIESCS and that you have the correct school code selected.  School Codes are:

0  District
10  Burton Elementary School
20  Burton Middle School
30  Oak Grove Elementary
40  William R. Buckley Elementary
50  Jim Maples Academy
60  Summit Charter Academy - Mathew Campus
70  Community Day School
80  Summit Charter Collegiate Academy
90  Burton Pathways Charter Academy
100  Summit Charter Academy - Lombardi Campus

Q: How do I search for a student by their first name?
A:  Using the Ctl-F method, you can search for any field/data. Please Note: It will only show you the first match, then you need to click the Find Next button to get to the next, and the next,...etc.

Q: What is the difference between the Student Number (aka Stu#) and the Student ID Number (aka Perm ID No.)?
A: The “Student Number” is shorter and it will change from year to year, or school to school if the student transfers; so we generally don’t use this. The Student ID Number (aka Perm ID No.) is the number we use for students. This number follows students through their entire time in the Burton School District.

Q: Where do I enter “US entry date” for our foreign born students? 

A: This data is entered on the Language Assessment form under Student Data and Programs.
There is one date for entry into the US and another for entry into a US school.

Q: Where is the Alternate Phone Number for Parents?
This appears in the Contacts Cell Phone area.


Q: A teacher is reporting a double student entry in one of their classes in ABI?  Why is the student showing up twice?
The double entry is due to two entry dates for the student. ABI and all attendance uses the Course Attendance for showing which students have classes during which periods. Go to the Course Attendance form (found on the Student Data 1 Screen) and check that there is only one entry date.