• Dear Summit Collegiate High School Families,  

    Welcome to Summit Charter Collegiate Academy, our high school in the Burton School District. 

    In a year with unexpected circumstances and unexpected challenges, here at Summit, we are dedicated to our students and community.  We start each school year with one focus in mind, supporting the wellbeing of our students, and fostering an encouraging learning environment. Families, please know that our commitment as a high school is to ensure our students’ social and emotional needs are being met, while at the same time preparing them for their futures. We understand that learning is important and we know that will happen.  We have a great staff that is dedicated and caring. The work ethic they have demonstrated through distance learning, both in the spring and now, has been guided by their teacher's hearts.  

     Summit is dedicated to providing quality education to each and every student. Our staff is committed to provide all the resources and meet students at their level, allowing them to grow educationally and become successful members of our global community.  I understand this school year will be different due to the current situation, but we will overcome these challenges and provide our students with the best education. 

    It is my vision to see students successfully complete their course of study at Summit, and then walk across the stage at the end of their senior year with a diploma and college credits. Most importantly, I want Summit students to graduate with the confidence that they will be able to accomplish their goals, whatever those may be. This vision is achieved with the help of caring staff and a school that commits to human relationships, and a staff that focuses on developing education in an effort to prepare students for college and/or career. 

    Here at Summit High School, we work closely with Porterville College to provide our students with a number of opportunities to earn college credit through our dual enrollment program.

    I look forward to another amazing year with our students, staff, and Summit families. 

    Remember, “Once a Bear, Always a Bear! 

    Martin Medina