Principal - Angela Boudreaux

  • My name is Angela Boudreaux and I am very excited to be given the opportunity to lead William R. Buckley as the principal for the 2019-2020 school year. I am dedicated to focusing on student achievement and creating a safe school environment where all students can learn.

    I am an administrator with a well-rounded background in education with 15 years of experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my 11 years as a classroom teacher, four of these years were spent here at William R. Buckley prior to becoming a vice principal for the Burton School District in 2016.  I have been the vice principal for Summit Charter Academy Lombardi and my most recent assignment was the vice principal for Oak Grove Elementary School. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, a master’s degree in Education, and a Clear Administrative Credential. I take great pride in establishing trusting relationships with staff, parents and students.  I am surgically focused on the success of my school and the vision of the district. 

    My immediate family lives within the city of Porterville and I am an active member of our community.  I believe as an administrator one must represent the school, the district, and the community in a positive way.  I am married to my husband Michael Boudreaux and we have three beautiful children Zachary, Natalie, and Nathan. My children are actively involved with our great community with sports, music, and arts, as well as developing wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime.    

    I feel blessed and privileged to be placed into a position of principal within a district I truly believe has a vision for the growth and development of our learners.  I welcome the opportunity for free and open dialogue and will always have an open-door policy. 


    Thank you for entrusting your children to me!


    Favorite Starbucks Drink: Hot or Iced Chai Tea with Coconut Milk  (no water)

    My Favorite Jamba Juice: Orange Dream Machine

    My Favorite Sweet Treat: Dark Chocolate Almonds

    My Favorite Salty Treat: Plano Beef Jerky Peppered Teriyaki