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Dr. Cozad

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     Forty three years has taught me that realia is very important to winning attention and increasing comprehension.  Therefore, I have spent my teaching career collection and creating fascinating specimens to fill my classroom.  I began my teaching career with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, a Master of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in Plant Science, and a Life Credential from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  I also attained two individual minor degrees in Biological Science and English Literature during my first 20 Years of teaching.  More recently I have earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Theological Seminary, after also attending Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.

     The four steps of education include the following: Step 1. Read and look at pictures in a book. Step 2. Show and tell with real examples during the classroom lesson.  Step 3. Visit the real examples where they occur outside of the classroom. Step 4. Including the examples as part of one’s life and culture. I try to incorporate these steps in my daily teaching so the students can see that learning is a lifelong process. For example, we study Native American culture in the classroom using the written word, pictures, and films. Eventually, I will have a few students dress in regalia and dance to the songs of their culture which culminates in an experience never to be forgotten. This is one of the reasons the Burton School District has the Tule River Natural History Center at the SCCA campus, for the expressed reason to increase all Burton District students understanding and experience in California life, both past and present.