• Summit Charter Academy Homeschool
    More and more families are considering the option of homeschooling. According to the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 850,000 students were homeschooled in 1999. By 2003, the number had increased to 1.1 million. With 1.5 million students being homeschooled in 2007, the numbers appear to be steadily rising.
    Summit Charter Academy Homeschool offers the support and services many homeschooling parents prefer. There is no cost for tuition and a credentialed teacher will be assisting you and your child to develop an individualized educational plan to fit your family's unique needs. District adopted textbooks are provided at no cost and each child is given a $500.00 budget to purchase approved curriculum if families want a different option than the traditional textbooks. Parents also have the option of purchasing and using their own preferred or non-secular curriculum.
    We serve Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Core subject matters as well as extra curricular activities are offered to all families. Summit Charter Academy Homeschool facilitates on-line collaborative learning, a wide array of accessible curriculum, and on-site academic enrichment and tutoring. The Burton School District provides the opportunity for all registered homeschooling parents to participate in our free, teacher training events.
    Parents meet monthly with their credentialed Support Teacher to review the student's assignments, collect work samples, and discuss any areas of concern. Additional conferences may be scheduled should the parent desire to meet one-to-one with the Support Teacher. Each parent and Support Teacher work together to create the student's individualized learning plan. The learning plan is unique and dynamically designed to prepare the student in becoming college and world ready.
    Small group classes are available each week on campus for all Kindergarten though 8th grade students. These fun, guided learning activities invite students to exercise their curiosity and strengthen their creativity as they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
    For more information, contact Krista Nix at krista.nix@burtonschools.org.