Student Services

  • Dr. Julissa Leyva Dr. Julissa Leyva - Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

    Duties: State Preschool & Budget Oversight, Dual Immersion & Budget Oversight, Health Services & Budget Oversight, Comp Ed Services & SPED Oversight, District Safety Committee, K-8 Counselor Services, Monitor programs/services for student groups

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10013


  • Dr. Perla Soria Dr. Perla Soria - Director of School Resources and Support

    Duties: Attendance/SARB, Student discipline, CALPADS/SARC/SPSA/Safety Plans, District Liaison for Foster/Homeless, Migrant Services Support, Homeschool, CDS Oversight

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10037


  • Dr. Anthony MartinDr. Anthony Martin - Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities

    Duties: LCAP & Title Funds, ELOP Oversight, ASES & After-School Programs Oversight, District CALPAD Lead

    Phone: (559) 782-5954


  • Heather RodriguezHeather Rodriguez - Director of Special Education

    Duties: SPED Program Oversight, MTSS, Special Ed Preschool Support, District 504 Coordinator, CPI Training, CDS Admin

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10038


  • Veronica ChavezVeronica Chavez - Dual Immersion Coordinator

    Duties: Dual Immersion Program Support, Dual Immersion Curriculum, Dual Immersion Professional Development

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10041


  • Karen SidhuKaren Sidhu - ELD Coordinator

    Duties: ELD Program Lead, ELPAC District Lead, ELD Training, Redesignation Support

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10033


  • Cassie NunesCassie Nunes - District ELD TOSA

    Duties: ELD Coaching Support, ELD Curriculum, ELD Professional Development

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10055

    Email: cassie.nunes@burtonschools.rog

  • Rayane De Souza SilvaRayane De Souza Silva - District K-8 Counselor



  • Ofelia LonghinoOfelia Longhino - District Social Worker

    Duties: Community Outreach, Resource Connection, Family Outreach and Support


  • Amanda Van DusenAmanda Van Dusen - License Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

    Duties: Therapy Services for Families & Staff, Link to Community Services


  • Beatriz AlvarezBeatriz Alvarez - Student Services Admin Assistant

    Duties: Enrollement/CALPADS, Parent Volunteer Procedures, Inter/Intra District Agreements, Translation Support

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10027


  • Diane VeraDiane Vera - Special Ed & Student Services Admin Assistant

    Duties: SPED Support, CALPADS/SEIS, Aeries Support, Student Records Request, SPED Preschool Support

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 10014


  • Julianne HurtadoJulianne Hurtado - State Preschool Clerk & Parent Liaison

    Duties: State Preschool Support and Enrollment, Homeless & Foster Youth Resource Support

    Phone: (559) 782-5954 ext. 13006