Mr. Novinger

Phone: 788-6440


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Mr. Novinger


My name is Mr. Novinger and this is my third year at SCCA. Everyone has their stories; I love capturing moments of joy- in nature and among people. I have a unique way of looking at the world, as I’m an artist at heart, and my artistry comes through in the photographs/creations I make. My background is in drawing and painting, and I use these passions to create photos that are more than just photos, but true art in its natural expression. Nothing brings me more joy than to feel the joy in developing learning in others, and to capture these learning moments and build new joyful memories to come.

I grew up in Porterville attending Burton Elementary and Middle School as a child. I enjoyed growing up in the valley as a student graduating into MHS. I continued my education in the emphasis of Drawing & Painting in Art Education at Cal State University of Fullerton. I grew up with my mother being a third grade teacher at Terra Bella Elementary and watching my older sisters become teachers. They are a real inspiration to me and the reason why I want to be an inspiration to students to come. I come from a family of teachers and feel the rewards of helping students learn creativity. It is an amazing opportunity to especially teach what I love- art! "


Favorite Starbucks Drink: vanilla latte

Favorite Jamba Juice: anything mango

Favorite Sweet Treat: vanilla bean ice cream

Favorite Salty Treat: kettle corn