• About the Board of Education

    The Burton School District Board of Education invites you to attend one of our bi-monthly, regularly scheduled board meetings. Public session begins at 5:45pm in the District Office Board Room.  Please see the Burton parent calendar link to find out when the next board meeting is scheduled.  Attending a meeting will provide you the opportunity to better understand how your school district operates. Please remember that public schools belong to you, and your involvement is strongly encouraged. Community participation and open lines of communication are vital components to a strong school system.    


    Your School Board  
    The Burton School District Board of Education is comprised of five members elected to four-year terms by the voters of Porterville. By establishing and implementing policy, the board is dedicated to ensuring the success of every student in the district through clear, concise direction to the superintendent. The board is responsible for hiring the superintendent and instructs him/her to focus every district staff member and all resources on the goal of improving and maintaining student achievement.


    Questions and Suggestions 
    The Burton School District Board of Education welcomes your questions, ideas and suggestions. With help from the community, the district can achieve its goal of providing continued excellence in public education. Educating our children requires a joint effort of parents, community and school resources. Please be a part of the process any way you can.
  • Board Members

  • Jay
    - President -
    Jay Rice
  •   Obdulia Guzman Alvarado
    - Member -
    Obdulia Guzman Alvarado 
  • Figueroa
    - Vice President -
    Dan Figueroa 
  • eddie  
    - Member -
    Eddie Hernandez 
    - Clerk -
    Vikki Cervantes