• Background

    The voters in the Burton School District approved a $6.5 million dollar bond, Measure L on November 8, 2016.  The bonds sold will be used to improve the quality of education with funding that cannot be taken by the state; repair or replace leaky roofs; make health and safety improvements; replace outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; upgrade inadequate electrical systems, replace deteriorating plumbing  systems; and modernize outdated classrooms to 21st- century standards, restrooms and school facilities.


    Bond Oversight Committee

    The Burton School District is required to form a Bond Oversight Committee to assist in reviewing the expenditures from construction projects associated with Measure L funds.  The committee will ensure bond funds are used only as voters intended and will help inform the community of the expenditures made with Measure L funds.  The committee will hold at least one meeting per year.  All meetings will be posted and public members are invited to attend.



    CLICK HERE for September 21st Agenda

    CLICK HERE for January 18th Agenda 


    Meeting Minutes

    CLICK HERE for January 18th Meeting Minutes


    Citizens Oversight Committee

    The Burton School District appointed the following members to serve on the Citizens Oversight Committee for expenditures of bond funds.

    ·       John Buckton

    ·       Denise Carson

    ·       Stephanie Cortez

    ·       Rebecca Vigil

    ·       Rosie White

    ·       Dennis Wilson

    ·       Gilbert Ynigues



    You may contact the District for further information by calling Mr. Tracy Tucker, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation, at (559) 788-6419


    Additional Files

    CLICK HERE for 2016-17 Audit Report