• mendoza

     Mr. Sergio Mendoza - sergio.mendoza@burtonschools.org

    This is going to be a great year full of learning, joy and personal growth.

    As the district’s superintendent, and as an educator who’s been a part of the Burton community for the past 4 years, I see great possibilities for us all as we move forward into the school year. Though the past year has been one of unmatched challenges for us all, our next steps will reconnect us with our legacy of excellence in new and exciting ways.

    The past year has taught me a lot about the strength and perseverance of our community, and I want us all to tap into our values as we move forward. From day one, our focus will be on all the students in our district, on making sure that every single day we make a positive impact for every one of our students.

    Moving forward, the district will continue to focus on the whole child, prioritizing mental health and emotional learning as well as academic excellence. What’s more, developing relationships, equity, engagement and a growth mindset will be a core value districtwide as we move into the next school year.

    Our district is full of good people at every level. From our amazing students to our dedicated educators to our committed staff and invested parents, we are forging a bright future together. Our story as a district and as a community is just beginning, and I am honored to be in this leadership role. Positive days full of growth, achievement and learning are ahead of us; the future is bright.

    Together We Are Burton

    Sergio J Mendoza