• Burton Educational Partnership Foundation

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  • BEPF is a non-profit organization that is made of parent, staff, and community volunteers.  Our primary purpose is to provide additional educational funding to all nine campuses of Burton School District.  

    We provide two major sources of support every year.  The first are mini-grant awards.  Teachers are encouraged to submit an application for additional educational resources for their classroom.  This school year, we are able to provide approximately $9,000 in mini-grant awards to teachers and classrooms across the district!  

    The second form of support we provide is scholarships.  Graduating seniors who are current or former Burton School District students are eligible to apply for either a $1,000 or $500 scholarship.  Last year, $5,000 in scholarships were given out!    


  • BEPF Board:

    Irene Ortega, President
    Cynthia Escudero, Vice President
    Jennifer Gamble, Treasurer
    Shawn Davila, Secretary