• Vision:
    The Burton experience will prepare students to be college and world ready
    Burton will be acknowledged as a lighthouse school district in our commitment to educate the entire child. We will inspire our students to have a voice in their learning and be engaged, curious, collaborative and self-confident learners. We will foster leadership among our students, parents, staff and community as we prepare each student to succeed.


    Burton will hire, train and continuously develop the best available candidates to support student learning: - Provide safe, clean and secure campuses accessible to the community - Provide parents with clear communication regarding their child?s progress and learning - Recognize the accomplishments of staff and studentså



    Burton will provide a child centered education focused on student learning: - Provide a seamless integration of educational technology in the classroom to promote twenty-first century learning - Common Core State Standards integrated with visual and performing arts, foreign language, and technology


    Professional Learning

    Burton will provide ongoing professional learning: - Support innovators who facilitate creative and curious learners by providing coaching support and ongoing professional learning in twenty-first century skills. - Support learners to engage in a reflective evaluation process regarding their growth


    Fiscal Responsibility:

    The Burton District supports financial transparency through a fiscally responsible budget that supports our people, programs and professional learning goals.