Business Services

  • Chris ManoChris Mano - CBO

    Duties: District Financial Oversite, State/Federal Financial Reporting, Audit Oversight, AB2756 Reporting, Long-Term Debt Management

    Phone: 781-8020


  • CurleeDanika Curlee - Director of Fiscal Services

    Duties: Fiscal Operations, Budget/Position Control, and Audit Oversight

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10016


  • Kristen StephensKristen Stephens - Accounting Technician I

    Duties: Accounts Payable A-M, Accounts Payable Credit Cards, Accounts Receivable Billing, Employee Conference Reimbursements, Laserfiche, State Attendance Reporting (P1, P2, Annual)

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10050


  • Elizabeth CoonsElizabeth Coons - Accounting Technician I

    Duties: Accounts Payable N-Z, Bank Reconciliations, Diesel Fuel Tax, Laserfiche

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10001


  • Kim GonzalezKim Gonzalez - Accounting Technician II - Purchasing

    Duties: Requisitions/Purchase Order Processing, Travel/Conference, Retiree Health & Welfare Payments, Cash Clearing Deposits, Quarterly Taxes

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10009


  • Ana GonzalezAna Gonzalez- Accounting Technician II - Payroll

    Duties: Classified Payroll, Voluntary Deductions, Employment Verifications, Deferred Pay, Health & Welfare Deductions and Reconciliation, Direct Deposit

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10046


  • Diana RomeroDiana Romero - Accounting Technician II - Payroll

    Duties: Certificated Payroll, Employment Verification, Direct Deposit, Class Size Overages

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10028


  • Lori HayesLorie Hayes - Administrative Assistant

    Duties: Administrative Assistant to CBO, Facility Requests, Construction Files, Contracts, Inventory, Student Accident Reports, Insurance Certificates, Developer Fees/Reporting, ASB monitoring, Payable Warrants. Laserfiche

    Phone: 781-8020 ext. 10024