• Burton Online Learning is...

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  • ...a public, K-12, online school run by Burton School District. Burton Online Learning is a replacement for traditional, in-person schooling. It is designed to meet the educational needs of students by focusing on their social, teaching, and learning needs.

    K-6 Students will experience:

    • Daily whole-class meetings via Zoom
    • Daily small-group meetings via Zoom
    • Bi-weekly parent, student, teacher check-ins 
      • via telephone and/or Zoom depending on parent preference
    • Four to six hours of independent and teacher led instruction daily.

    7-12 Students will experience:

    • Daily homeroom class meetings via Zoom
    • Weekly class discussions via Zoom
    • Six hours of independent and teacher facilitated work daily.

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  • Parent Information Webinars


    Burton Schools hosted a webinar at the end of June. You can watch a recording by clicking the link below. 


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

    What is Burton Online Learning?

    Burton Online Learning is a public online school run by Burton School District in Porterville. We understand that when school resumes in August some students will be unable to attend in person. With our unique structure, we believe that we can provide a superior online learning experience that meets the needs of the whole child. 

    How do I know if Burton Online Learning is the right fit for my child?

    Online learning is not for everyone. Online students need to be able to manage their time, work to deadlines, and be self-motivated. We know that is not the case for many of our younger students. In some cases, students will need support from their parents or guardians to be successful in an online classroom.

    How does it work?

    When you enroll with Burton Online Learning you are enrolling your student(s) in a new school. It works the same as transferring your student from one school to another. 

    Can I participate?

    We can enroll any student from Tulare, Kings, Fresno, or Kern counties.

    What about special services, will those be provided?

    Students with identified needs will continue to receive those services if they choose to participate in Burton Online. Services will likely be modified to adapt to online learning. This will be done through an IEP team meeting and a distance learning plan will be developed with parent consent.

    Is this a homeschool program?

    Burton Online Learning is not homeschool. In a homeschool program, you, the parent or guardian, are the teacher. In our program, we provide the teacher, and you support the student as a learning coach. 

    What’s a “Learning Coach?”

    A learning coach is a person, usually a parent/guardian, who is with the student during the instructional day. Their job isn’t to teach the student, but instead to help the student stay on task, monitor student work progress, and connect with the teacher to get questions answered. 

    What kind of work will my student be doing?

    Students will be engaged with district adopted curriculum in a mix of online video conferencing with teachers and fellow students and independent, project-based learning. Depending on their age, they will also be participating in virtual classroom discussions and group work.

    My child’s course work is outside my area of knowledge, will there be resources for me as a parent to help my child?

    Yes.  This is one of the elements that sets Burton Online Learning apart from a homeschool program. Our teachers will provide content and instruction. Your role is to provide support and guidance to your student, not teach the content. However, we do know that you will want to help your student with coursework. Teachers will be available to answer questions and to point you towards helpful resources. 

    What will school look like for my K-6 student?

    Elementary school students will attend a scheduled 30 to 60-minute whole class meeting each school day as well as a 30-minute small group meeting daily. They will also be completing independent work. Time commitments range from four hours for early elementary students to six hours for upper elementary students. 

    What will school look like for my 7-12 student?

    Secondary students (grades 7-12) will have approximately 60 minutes of work to complete per course, per day. This will be a mix of independent work, which will include video-based instruction and weekly course meetings. 

    What courses will be offered in 7-12?

    Until we know how many students are interested in Burton Online we are limiting course selection to the following courses: English, math, science, history, PE, Spanish, and a fine arts course. Our intent is to make sure high school students continue to meet the UC and CSU admission requirements, regardless of their method of instruction.

    How will students be graded?

    Elementary students will earn mastery-based grades, on a 1-4 to scale. Secondary students will earn A-F grades. The instructional year is divided into four quarters.

    Can my student participate in onsite activities/sports or field trips?

    Burton Online Learning has been designed as a response to the specific needs of students with respect to concerns over exposure to COVID-19. At this time we do not anticipate hosting any field trips or in-person activities for students (with the exception of end-of-year testing). However, should your student wish to participate in a sport that any of our sister schools support, they may.  (Our sister schools include Summit Charter Intermediate and Summer Collegiate Academy.)

    Is this option going to be available after COVID or is it for just this year?

    At this point, we are committed to providing online instruction for the entirety of the 2020-2021 school year. Whether or not we continue to offer the Burton Online Learning program after the completion of the 2020-2021 school year will depend on parent and student interest. 

    What if I decide that I want my child to attend another school? Or go back to the classroom?

    If there are multiple classrooms available we would attempt to honor your request to change classes. This may be more difficult in an online school as we do not yet know how many students will enroll and cannot guarantee that there will be multiple classes. We do understand that the current situation is rapidly changing. We would ask you to commit to keeping your student enrolled for no less than nine-weeks at a time so that we can maintain stability for our staff and student body.

    Technology Questions

    Will technology be provided to students?

    K-8 students will receive a district-issued iPad and high school students will receive a district-issued MacBook Air.

    I don’t have a reliable internet connection, can you help?

    Burton School District has mobile hotspots that can be checked out free of charge to families for the duration of their enrollment in Burton Online Learning. These hotspots provide high-speed wireless access. They operate on the Sprint data network so your speeds may vary based on coverage in your area. Additionaly, we can help connect you with low-priced internet options if you prefer.

    Current Burton Students

    My child already attends a Burton school, if I enroll my student in Burton Online Learning do they lose their spot at their school?

    If your student attends a neighborhood school they will be able to return to it. If your student attends one of our charter schools we will need to discuss your options when we finalize enrollment with Burton Online Learning. 

    Will my student have a teacher from their home/former school?

    If enough students enroll in Burton Online Learning we will attempt to place your student with a teacher from their home/former school. However, based on enrollment this may not be possible, in which case your student may be in class with students who have transferred from other schools, or your student may have a teacher who formerly taught at another Burton school who is now teaching for Burton Online Learning.

    What if my child is in a special program? Dual /GATE/IB, can they still participate in those programs with this option?

    It is very unlikely that we will be able to offer the breadth of programs through Burton Online that we offer at our traditional campuses. Depending on the number of students that enroll we may be able to offer some of the special programs, but we do not yet know if they will be offered.

    Can my child continue to participate in college coursework? 

    This is an issue we are still working through.  If your student was enrolled at Summit Charter Collegiate Academy last year, we hope, but cannot yet guarantee, that they will be able to continue with dual enrollment at Porterville College.  Additional information will be provided regarding this specific situation soon.