Unpaid Meal Change Procedure

  • Purpose/Goals: To establish consistent meal charging and payment collection Districtwide. The

    goals of this procedure are:

    • To minimize meal charges and encourage parents to pre-pay for all meals.

    • To treat all students with dignity and respect.

    • To maintain a positive experience for students during meal service.

    • To promote parents' responsibility for meal payments.

    Emergency Meal Service: The Board of Trustees acknowledges that on occasion, students may forget or lose meal money, or parents may forget to make prepayments on their student's account. In such cases, Nutrition Services personnel will provide up to five days of emergency meals with the understanding that prepayment will be made immediately.

    Evaluate Individual Circumstances: Frequent requests may indicate the family's need for free or reduced meals. Nutrition Services personnel will inform parents that an application for Free or Reduced meals may be submitted at any time during the school year.

    Pre-paid Meal System: The school meal accounting system is a pre-paid system. Parents or guardians must deposit money into their child's account before meals are served. Payments may be made daily, weekly, monthly or annually at the school sites or online at www.efundsforschools.com

    It is the parents' responsibility to make sure that money is in the student's account or a home prepared meal is sent to school with their child.

    Repayment for Meal Charges: Every effort will be made to collect for unpaid meals. Unpaid meal charges will result in the following:

    • A weekly letter sent home indicating an outstanding balance of 5 meals or more

    • A weekly report of outstanding meal charges sent to the site Principal

    • A weekly reminder of an outstanding balance will be sent to the parent via text or email

    • All accounts over -$50.00 will be turned over to a collection agent

    Program limitations: The law allows 10 days for meal application processing, any meal charges accrued prior to the application being processed is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. At the end of the school year, the amount of uncollected meal charge must be paid to the cafeteria fund from some other funding source. Uncollected meal charges will be handled the same as other school debt in accordance with district policy.