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PIQUE Graduation

It was an evening of celebration as 33 parents graduated from the PIQUE (Parent Institute for Quality Education) program on November 15th in the Burton Elementary Cafeteria.  PIQUE is a program that offers 8 parent courses to help parents become better informed and prepared to help their children be successful in school.

PIQUE Graduates

Certificates were handed out to the parents that attended the PIQUE courses and there were two parent speakers who spoke on how important it is to be proactive in their childrens' education.

Keynote by Obdulia Alvarado Guzman

Burton board member, Odulia Alvarado Guzman was the keynote for the evening and she shared her story of success.  Her father was a big part of helping her and her siblings graduate from college and reach their dreams.

The evening ended with some great food that included tamales, posole, and lots of tasty desserts.

Burton is looking forward to offering opportunities for parents to participate in PIQUE classes in the near future.  Please keep an eye out for communication regarding enrollment.