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Sixth Grade

Mr. Ulrich Ms. Castaneda Ms. Spindler 6th grade students


William R. Buckley is proud to have such an amazing 6th grade team of teachers this year!  Mrs. Castaneda, ​Ms. Spindler and Mr. Ulrich are a dedicated team of teachers that strive to meet the needs of all of their students.  One way they are working together to reach all learners is to deploy for English Language Development.  During this 40 minutes deployment, all of the students are sent to an area of either Enrich or Reteach time.  This consists of both math and language arts review and excelling students.  The teachers work together each week to plan where the students need the most support  the following week.


We are most excited to see where this team of teachers are planning to take the students next!  A lesson they are planning involves redesigning cabins at Scicon!  Students will use their 21st Century skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and the use of technology to plan and design the next generation cabins.  They will send their pitches to Scicon in hopes to hear how they can impact any future plans of building. What a way to make learning relevant!


Thank you to these wonderful and dedicated teachers at WRB.  You all truly go above and beyond for our students and their families.