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Attendance Awareness

Jim Maples Academy believes that every day counts!  Students that attend school regularly are more successful at school, develop good habits that will carry throughout their life, and have a positive mindset towards learning.  When students are absent they miss engaging lessons, important learning, and fun activities like weekly clubs and attendance incentives.  Parents play an important role in helping students be present and on-time for school.  There are many ways that parents can help support school attendance including letting their child know that good attendance is important, talking positively about attending school and learning, establishing bedtime routines and setting alarm clocks for the morning, helping their child develop a routine for getting ready for school, showing interest in their child’s school work, and talking about the positive academic and social aspects of school.  Jim Maples Academy is committed to student success and is looking forward to working with its parents and students to have a great year!


JMA Jaguars Showing School Spirit