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Teacher Induction Program

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision: The mission of the Burton School District Induction Program is to develop teachers along their professional learning journey through support providers who will model quality instruction, provide collaborative support, coach towards professional independence, equip candidates to teach the adopted California K-12 standards and frameworks, and empower each to reach every student. The program will develop the candidate’s mindset throughout their professional journey as they work in collaboration with their support provider and seek to reach their diverse students with the intention of meeting the health, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, linguistic and learning needs of each student; success for all. The vision of the Burton School District Induction Program is that every teacher is provided with the resources, skills, and support to realize the full potential of their professional capacity and that every child will have access to a rigorous, well-managed, TK-12 standards and framework aligned, and inclusive educational experience to prepare all students to be college and world ready.

Our entire program will be based on the California TK-12  standards and frameworks. Candidates will have multiple opportunities to interact and understand the standards as they are personally guided by the direction of their support providers. They will be challenged to teach the curriculum at the appropriate depth of knowledge levels.