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TIP Handbook Page 1 (Mission and Vision)



The mission of the Burton School District Teacher Induction Program is to develop teachers along their professional learning journey building on the knowledge and skills gained through their preliminary preparation program. Candidates will work with mentors who model quality instruction, provide collaborative support, equip candidates to teach the adopted California K-12 standards and frameworks, empower each teacher to grow as a professional.




The vision of the Burton School District Induction Program is that every teacher is provided with the resources, skills, and support to grow their professional capacity. 

Our entire program is based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Candidates have multiple opportunities to interact and understand the standards as they are personally guided by the direction of their TIP Mentors. In order to document progress towards mastery of  the CSTP, candidates and TIP Mentors work together to identify the candidate’s current stage of development as well as growth over time through the inquiry cycle. In addition, the ILP serves as another way to document progress towards mastery. Within the ILP, candidates create goals based on the CSTP and show progress in meeting those goals. As part of the program structure, candidates measure their development in the CSTP’s throughout various stages of each ILP inquiry cycle.  TIP Mentors assist candidates in this measurement of development and provide coaching, feedback, and professional learning directly related to growth in the CSTP’s. Training is provided to TIP Mentors on the CSTP’s and how to measure growth and development over time. This training is utilized by the TIP Mentors to help their candidates develop their ILP.