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Student Assessment Process

Assessment Process

There are two methods in which an assessment would be initiated for a student. They are:

  1. SST Process- Once a concern regarding academic progress has been indicated, a student typically begins to receive additional supports through the SST process. This varies by site and can be explained by your child’s teacher or site Administration. If your child does not progress with the additional supports given sufficient time and consistent interventions, an assessment may be proposed by the school team to address concerns in all areas of suspected disability.
  2. Parent Request- Parents have the right to request at assessment at any time for their child should a concern arise regarding academic progress. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher about these concerns and discuss all areas of suspected disability. Once a parent request is made for an assessment, the district has 15 school days to respond with an assessment plan or notice of denial of assessment.  Please note, the school district has the ability to deny an assessment if it is believed that there are no concerns regarding academic progress.

Once an assessment plan is signed by parents, the school district has 60 calendar days to complete all assessments and observations, develop a Multi-Disciplinary Report (MDR) and share results with parents. If a student is found eligible, a draft IEP is proposed at the meeting. If the student is found to not be eligible, the team will discuss how to further support the student at school.